Beauty Lies Beneath
Transforming your desires into reality

Our Mission

Beauty Lies Beneath believes that true beauty comes from beneath, which comes from looking your best. Our beauty products help bring out the true beauty that you have beneath.

We carry the latest designs in women's bras, panties, lingerie, pajamas, breast enhancers, butt enhancers, padded panties, bra straps, and more!  

Our mission is to help you look your best by providing you the solution to where you are insecure most and to enhance your outer appearance, so you could look and feel better from the inside out.  We take great pride in building our customers' confidence and transforming their desires into a reality.

Why Shop With Us?

Unlike our competitors, Beauty Lies Beneath carefully picks and chooses the products we offer on our web site. Your complete customer satisfaction is important to us; therefore, a great effort was made to ensure the products we offer on our web site are of great quality. In addition to the quality, we offer products that can be purchased at everyday low prices.

Special Needs?

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any special needs or comments.  We look forward in hearing from you, especially any comments on how we could improve your overall shopping experience, would be greatly appreciated.

Specialized Products

Beauty Lies Beneath is a premier online source for padded bras, butt enhancers, breast enhancers, decorative bra straps, and beauty accessories.

Padded Bras

Looking for a bra that gives you volume?  You came to the right place. We specialize in hard to find padded bras that give you volume and cleavage that you thought you could never achieve with a bra.  You will be surprise the difference a padded bra could make.  Our extra thick bras are a great alternative to breast augmentation.

Butt Enhancers

We offer butt enhancers for everyone.  No matter if you want subtle, moderate or strong visible difference, we have the enhancer to fit your everyday needs.  You could now confidently wear your favorite pair of jeans or that tight dress you bought but never worn, because of the flat butt appearance it gave you.  We cannot promise you that people will stop staring at your once flat or flabby butt, but we could ensure you that this time it is because they admire your new, bigger, sexier butt.

We have the answer to the flat rear end appearance you don't like without the risk of buttock augmentation or countless hours at the gym with subtle to moderate visible difference.  Our padded panties instantly give your butt the make-over you have been wanting but could not achieve. 

Breast Enhancers

Breast Enhancers are a great way to increase your cup size by one or more cups. Appear fuller and feel more confident, knowing that you clothes fit and look better. We offer a wide-range of selections from mini pads to mastectomy breast forms, from foam pads to silicone enhancers, and from enhancers with nipples to enhancers without nipples.

Decorative Bra Straps

Decorative bra straps are a great cheap way to enhance a boring outfit, but more importantly, it provides you the security of a bra strap. Instead of going strapless, consider wearing a decorative bra strap.  Unlike fabric and clear straps, these decorative bra straps are designed with variety of embellishments, including: fancy beads, crystals, rhinestones, flowers, designer fabrics and pearls.  Just like traditional bra straps, these decorative bra straps attach to any bra that has detachable straps.  You can also adjust the decorative bra straps to your desired length. The straps are adjustable either through control clip, adjuster chain, elastic band or by tying the bra straps to the desired length.

Decorative bra straps are great to wear with: Halter tops, Tube tops, Tank tops, Prom dresses and Formal gowns.  Not only does these fancy straps spark up your outfit, it will give you security of comfort of wearing a bra strap. 
Our unique bra straps will get people noticing you.