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Brand Specifics

Comet's Product Quality 

Product and service quality systems are of main importance for Comet.

The UNI EN ISO 9001 certificated company works to guarantee its customers the utmost satisfaction, using selected suppliers, ensuring full compliance with the toughest safest and environmental standards, constant updating training of personnel and the achievement of the highest quality levels.

The UNI EN ISO 14000 environmental management certificate, obtained in 2002, is for Comet and important recognition that marks the era of the "Clean Factory", in which the production stages take count to the protection of the environment at first.

COMET products have a further value added feature: the OEKO TEX 100 certificate, which guarantees that the textile products contain no harmful substances known to man. Springing from the need to grantee and protect customers' health and safety, in 2001 Comet obtained the GOST R product quality certificate, which is indispensable when trading with Russia. The company is fully committed to continual research into global "wellbeing" in its production and market logics, thanks to the deep-rooted concern for the environment by its management.

Made in Italy

Strictly Made in Italy: this rewarding choice has contributed to the company's success together with step-by-step production controls, from its design to packaging. This has always been Comet's policy to grant and offer the best choice of Italian fashion products from a country that is renowned for its high end quality fashions and styles.

Sensual Mystique carries wide selection of Sexy lingerie, bridal lingerie, chemise, thongs, bras, corsets, garters, panties and other lingerie for a great price.

Papillon by Ladyberg
Papillon by Ladyberg is a Ladyberg Group brand name.  The best of Italian lady's underwear.  Discover the quality, ease of wear and beauty of the bras, panties, girdles and body stockings in the classic collections signed by Papillion. Look among the fashion offers for the trendiest colors, fabrics and models to give you a seductive look and enhance your beauty.
Lilly Italia
Lilly Italia is a Milan-based manufacturer of Italian lingerie.

6mia Product Quality
6mia aims for excellence providing top solutions both in quality and manufacture, with the support of a meticulous research in fabrics and materials.  And all of this while keeping costs strictly under control, for the achievement of a highly competitive quality/price ratio.  6mia is committed to the development of a recognizable brand through a specific research in communication, so that its corporate identity and the specific quality features of its products are clearly and effectively conveyed.


Tatiana has TEN quality points that are unique to the line and this price range.
These quality points are what make up the EXTRA in our Extra Comfort bras and panties.
1. Euro lite system - Tatiana Fashions is proud to introduce our trademark “Euro lite” support system for under wire bras. The Euro lite system was developed by Tatiana Fashions to deliver an advantage in comfort and fit. The “Euro lite” system gives desired support using a wire that has been streamlined to give just the right amount of flexibility with a wire that is lighter and slightly thinner. To ensure the superiority of the Euro lite system one more step was taken. Every Tatiana customer will enjoy the advantage of a fully nylonized wire. Our competitors’ wires are bare or partially nylonized, leading to corrosion and staining of the fabric. Tatiana’s’ fully nylonized wires deliver more comfort and washability to the bra.
2. Color matched metal sliders! - Notice that the sliders and fasteners on Tatiana are metal, not plastic, so they will hold up better in the wash. They are also color matched to the fabric!!!
3. Double bartacks- Tired of having your underwire pop out? Tatiana is made with double bartacks and prevents this from happening.
4. European sewing, components, and fabrication - All of our employees have completed a two-year seamstress course, an advantage that you will not find elsewhere, and which makes a noticeable difference in the end product. Our seamstresses Take pride in their work and have been for thousands of years. Our history is built around it and our end product shows it. The end result is superior wash ability, support and comfort.
5. Color match between fabrics- Attention to detail is what makes our bras look so rich. You can see this in the color match between the different types of fabrics in your bra.
6. Softer panty elastic- Customers consistently notice that our panties have a softer elastic and are more comfortable to wear.
7. Higher grade lace.
8. Dupont Tactel & Lycra.
9. Fully adjustable straps.
10. European polyamide versus generic Asian nylon. (Holds up longer)

Tatiana is the lowest cost High end European designer line on the market. Often under $39.00. Original designs. PETITE, PLUS SIZE, HARD TO FIND SIZES, Bras, panties, Bridal, thongs, shapers, longline, girdles, corsets, demi, soft cup, cotton, clear strap. HIGHER QUALITY, LOWER PRICE.


Fullness is the priority choice of Hollywood actress, Supermodels and Top costume designers worldwide. They choose Fullness because Fullness is the softness, most natural & highest quality silicone breast enhances. They can be placed inside any types of bras for an instant increase size, shape, and add cleavage. Fullness make you feel proud, confident, enjoying youthful and sexy body.